JB Blessing The Streets With Seductive Latin Soul Music

JBarrera is totally swagged out with new Latin soul music and is preparing to bless the streets with some new tunes coming to stores everywhere real soon. He’s been deeply into his creative flow lately, which shows that his urban soul music has always been the vehicle through which he best expresses his life realities and culture. You’re going to enjoy the seductive flows he vibes out using reggaeton and dancehall music references.

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JBarrera Music Delivers Day & Night

Check out JBarrera as he shows some skyline love while staying up delivering some late night mixes for his new music, scheduled to be released really soon, so please stay tuned and join the fan club. New music and videos coming soon to iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, and where ever else you like to discover new latin soul songs.

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Behind The Box

Don’t think of this guy as some average musical artist. This guy is putting his magic on all levels of his creative genius.

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JBarrera Music

If you haven’t heard of this new music icon, don’t fret because you are one of the early fans to discover the next level of Latin music superstar greatness and celebrity.

Today there are so many great places to discover new music to download, listen, stream, and buy. You are here and we are truly excited that you have stopped by to get a early connection with JB personally.

Our hopes is that you will continue to come back and support the movement and help to propel this Latin Urban Music superstar to the next strata.


Next Steps…

Take a moment to join the fan club via email and get the scoop on when the new singles and albums will be released. Thanks so much for coming thru and giving JB music your support and love. Remember to tell your friends and family about this hot new Prince of Latin Urban Soul music!

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